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Tea and Verses

Episode 4 · 11 months ago

From Fear to Joy


Episode four of Tea and Verses. We are talking about how to move yourself from a place of fear and anxiety to a place of joy and happiness. It is both a spiritual and a psychological process.

Co-hosts: Maida Nunez and Phillip Barea

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Awelcome to another episode of Ta andversus My name is Mida, and I am very happy to be here with you today. First of all, I really like a good quote each packs so much wisdthom in fewlittle words, especially when it hits you during thatime, when you really really need to hear something like that, and as I was thinking about this weekand the conversation that we are about to have this one kept coming back to me, andyou probably have heard of it. It is a quote, I believe by AlbertEinstein, and it says the most important decision that we have to make every day is whether we live in a friendly or in a hostile universe. Yes, we decide on the inside the way we approach the world from our inner place in space every single day determines the rest of our day. So if we decide that will live in ahostile, difficult, ournuvers, impossibleuniverse, our days, our world will give us plenty of reason to plenty of reasons. Plenty of evidence that the world is such we will hear things we don't like everything would hear we'll be prepared not to like. First of all, the world is not here tomake us happy from the outside. It's just doesn't work that way. If we decide that we live in a friendlyuniverse, the world will give us evidence of thatas well. How is that possible? It is possible because our perception, the way we see the world the way welook at things, the termine, the things that we look at most of the time. If Our universe is friendly, we will see friendly people everywhere. If somebody doesn't look very friendly,very happy, we may just go ahead and say hello to them and then might as well make their day. We never know what people are goingthrough. We can take their mood personally. If Our universe is friendly, we will notice opportunities. We will be likely to turn challenges intoopportunities.

Perception is everything the way welook at things determines the things that we look at. Why? Why am I talking about this? Lastweek we talked about fear and anxiety. All kinds of emotion and behavior atthat fear an anxiety resulting the place in which we wallow in whichwe sit when we are fearful anxious, sad disappointment, disappointed it is aplace of lower energy, it is a place, a lovork frequency. Now I do believe that there's a timefor everything we cannot get there from here, meaning we cannot getto our happy positive place from a sad frustrated, fearful, disappointed place. We need to take the time to experience our emotions to allow hemto go through to truly trally, really feel them. You know, I'm not I'mnotinventing the wheel. This is this, is all of us really know this. We justforget about it when we, when we are in a difficult situation, those are moments where we just want tosit and be in our sadness, and we should sit and be in our sadness. Wecan' force it. We can't leap into into happiness into joy intobeing positive. However, too often too, many of us stayin there for too long, even over entire lifetimes, where beingsaid, turns into a being frustrated, beingangry, being resentful and becomes a way of life and not much good can come out of it. So we continue to rinforce these habits by not seeing much good oror many great results in our lives all along failing to realize thatthere's so much more in our hands than we rea, then we are sometimes even willing to see. So, yes, we need to heal our wounds. Yes,we need to deal with our anxiety, but at some point, as one of my favorite Doctor Wayne Dyerwould say, blame has to go no matter what happened, no matter, howmuch somebody has wronged you blame has to go simply because in a plan, place of continues to blameand resentment weare, creating negative habits werestaying in in the low energy and a low frequency from which we aresimply not capable to produce great results. We are not capable of building and creating the life that wewant, that we wish for and that we deserve life is supposed to have hillson valleys mountains, even deed valleys. Every single one was go through it andand that's the point. The point is...

...for us to expand and to learn and to bechallenged. We don't really learn much or growwithout being challenged and the more we have to learn at any givenmoment, the more we are going to be challenged and those are our valleys and sometimeswe climb up a mountain and we fall back and sometimes we climb up a mountainand we fall forward. It's alla part of the process and atsome point we just need to embrace that. So when we do fall, we need to examine why we fell. We needto give ourselves time to be said, to be obsetd to be angry, even but then atsome point to try to find some purpose and some silver lining in it. First and foremost, let's remember something that we arebeans. First, endurs. Second, our lives. Our lifestyles are pushingus into doing and doing and doing, and we must do- we must take care we must take Har of, but at some point we need to rememberour being whoo be are. How are we feeling how connected or disconnected are wefrom our trueself from that inner place? That is you that is independent andseparated of the life and personality that has been created from the outside,from all of the conditioning, from all of the expectations that we often have to follow to live our life in our society, but too often it's ethic pense of who we really are, so we need to startstart remembering that we need to start connecting to that. So, yes, we have our head above the water.We are dealing with our fears, we're curbing our aninanxiety and we're trying to maintain our hat abouethe water. But at some point I needs to stop stop being striving. We need to stopthe striving swim out of the muddy water of fear andanxiety, blame and anger victim hood and really look into ourselves takecare of ourselves. So I have heard this many times and I haveexperienced this in my life as well. We must not expect joy and fun to only happen spontaneously, or onlysometimes, when we sort of deserve it when we are done with everything else,when we have really tired, ourselve out y y doing all these things we have todo that, never end to enjoy ourselves and to tap into that enthusiasm that we lose as we crow up think about it. There are hundreds ofdifferent things that we can find to do to trick us out ofsadness, disappointment...

...into a little smirk, a little smile, alittle giggle, and they multiply it could be making and drinking your favorite cup of teaor coffee. It could be reading their favorite book in between tasts that you must complete. He couldbe listening to her favorite music, taking a walk, trying to take a walk outside in thenature or amongst people. Some people get energy from positive energy frominteracting with others, and some people get energy by by walking in a nature. I loik close toa Beautiful Lake Michigan that I absolutely at the work and walking to it and seeing this big,beautiful body of water and the waves as if they're speaking to me, it's unlike anything else for fomyPartin for myself in Neber, fails. It is so magnificent and so beautiful butnature all of nature is beautiful and that one walk can become a new habit meeting new people gettinga whole new source of inspiration. I'm just bringing up some basic things that Ijoine my life, but this is something that we need to strive to do every day, intentionally deliberately remembering to do something that makes us feel good,no matter how much we feel or think it's not possible. The way we remember to take ourmedicine to way you remember to take our vitamins even more so the way we don't even haveto think about searching for food going to our fridge to get something to eat when we werehungry or drinking water. When we are thirsty reaching for a pillow when we are tired over time doing things and make us happy smalllittle things to build a sort of a joyful living practice will become a second nature. It isimportant food feeds, our physical bodies, joy feeds our heart, an our soul andour perception and our perception is the way we see the world and the way wesee the world the world will show up for us. So, yes, we all of us every singleperson over a course of a lifetime has a number of things that need to besurvived, so we can expand. So we can really feel in love life, but we are not here just to survive. Weare not here just to survive. Bad things happen, an anxiety happens, disease happens, war happens, I've seen all of it all of it, but human resilience is our superpower and we need to feed it. We need to feed it, not hear it down.

All of us have a purpose, probably more than one, and we cannot connect to that. Purpose. Live a life at the higher level ofconsciousness and higher level of emotion on a higher energy, anfrequency level of connecting with ourselves and with the world connectingwith the flow of life. So we can start creating bringing creative solutions towhatever we do. Whatever our occupation is find a brand new hobby hobby thatactually will tap into your bigger pat biggest passions, and they can turninto a SA side, income or or a completely newnew careeer. When you look at people who actuallyare doing it, they're not lot hiere than you are, or than I am. They first inform most believs that they are worth it. They believe that it's possible, they don't know how it's going tohappen, but theyre disposition their faith, thei resiliance their perception, their outlook on life, their decision on one kind of universethey live in the term. Is that, haven't you seenpeople who seem to get everything very easily thennever seemed to be very stressed out and things sort of just work out.That's exactly how it happens when we connect with our higher self and with our ability to see good in the world, because that there'sas much good, if not more than as there is bad. What do we choose to focus on and how do we perceive all of it?Seemingly good and seemingly bad dhetermines, again oure outlook on life and the way life shows up for us in return? Let's swim out of the muddy water offear and anxiety, anger, disappointment blamed again, Dr Wayn Dyer would like to say the blame must go that nobody has enough information thet. Nobody knows enough.Nobody in this world to be a pessimist, it's a state of mind! Think about it. Thank you very much for following us for watching us. We are all in this together, not justthis year, not not just the year, two thousand and twenty, but always always.We are together in this world. We are connected and let's pick a friendly universe. I love you n, have a good night hello and welcome to another episode ofTN versus...

...this one's another really interestingone before I get started on my segment. I'd really like to thank Mayeta foreverything she had to say. One of the reasons I invited her tojoin the show as a cohost was because she had a lot of interesting things tosay, and I appreciate that it's also fun for me that she's inChicago and I'm in Atlanta. Yet we get to do the show once a week and we havea lot of fun with it, but it's also a labor of love and it'ssomething serious that that we want to do for all of you, our audience, and that also reminds me that we havenot received a lot of comments and emails and we really look forward tothat. Please email us t, dot and versus at gmailcom send us an email. Send us acomment post on the youtube page on the facebook page. Let us know what youthink ask US questions offer us ideas about,shows that's good too. So, please do interact. We welcome that and I think going back to the show thatMita really did a good job presenting her case and she said a lot of goodthings that I agree with personally, so I'm not going to really add much onto what she said, but I will takesomething in a little bit more in depth of a direction, and that is when she talked about fear and the fear to start doing the things she suggested togo from a bad place to a joyful place and- andit's that fear, that is the biggest problem for mostpeople. I think it's the biggest hurdle one of the things that stops US usually from doing some of what she said forseeking that better life for seeking real happiness is fear of failure. And it's interesting when you talk to alot of people, even the ones that tell you that they're happy they aren't and it's because they're afraid to tellyou they're, happy they're, afraid of being a failure, and let me tell youguys something from the bottom of my heart: it's okay to fail! Failure is good. Why?Because failure is one of the best teachers. I have failed miserably in my life in alot of things, but some of the best life lessons I've ever learned have been from those failures. So we really need to get over that fearto try and forget about failure and thinkabout what you really want to gain. Do you really want to be happy? Do youreally want to change your life for the better? Do you really want to developyourself? If the answer is yes, then forget the fear of failure, go for it and if you fail, so what get up and try again, I agree with Myeta when she was talkingabout resilience, the human resilience to get up and tryagain. That is important and if you're afraid of failure, then you will never do what you want todo.

You will always live according to other people'sexpectations, but you have to have expectations foryourself. You have to want it, you have to go for it and you know you do that little by littlestep by step, but before you take that first step, you have to get rid of yourfeel of fear of failure. That's the most important thing to get rid of once you get rid of that, then you can really start to go for a Joyfullife, a happy life, a fulfilledlife, but you won't get there if you're worried about failure, ifyou're afraid of failure because that'll stop you every time. So if you want to do some of the thingsthat Maida was talking about, you can't be afraid of failure. You really have to get out there, giveit everything. You've got and don't hold back. Why do we hold back? You know, I know so many people thattell me well you know it's improper something's, improper something's, notappropriate, or you know, know your place. That's hone,I've heard a lot and those are all the wrong thing you know get rid of that fear. Don't worry aboutfailure, make the conscious decision to live a better life and when we talk about joy, we're nottalking about shouting and laughing and all thosethings we're talking about real, more internaljoy, joy with yourself joy with the world around you and it- and it is true: If you want tolive in a friendly universe, then you have to make it that way, be friendly, be loving, be kind and be open. You know open to new things, open tohappiness, open to love open to friendliness, all those things you haveto look for it and not just look for it. You have tobe ready to receive it and you have to be ready to give itthere's an exchange there so focus on that. Don't get stuck in a Rut. You know you've got to tell yourself do I want to continue to live a fearful,anxious unhappy life or do I want to live a better life and don't be afraid of failure, don'tbe afraid of success? Now, that's something a lot of peopledon't talk about is fear of success, because I know people and I'm relatedto some people that clearly fear success, so they're their own worst endemy. Theyhold themselves back, not because they're afraid to fail, but they'reafraid that they'll succeed and actually do what they're dreamingabout doing. You know you got to get rid of that too.So, don't fear failure, don't fear. Success and you've got to make your life...

...friendly, happy and joyful. You gotto put some work into it and it's like my Ta said you know itdoesn't happen to you. You make it appen, that's another thing: a lot of peopleare just kind of sitting around waiting for someone else to do it for them orwaiting for life to do it. For them. That's not going to happen, so you knowg get rid of that thought life's not going to do it for you, other peoplearen't going to do it for you. You have got to you know, put yourself together and sayyou know what I'm going to live a good life and I'mgoing to be happy and I'm going to enjoy what I have, because that'sanother stumbling block to joy is worrying about what you don't have or worrying about who you are not that con matter be happy with who you are be happy withwhat you have and learn to build yourself up fromthere. I think those are the next steps that everybody needs to work on. I need towork on it. Some more like I've said before. I'm not perfect, I'm notperfectly happy and joyful, but I'm trying you know and one of the thingsthat I'm trying to make myself happy and joyful. Is this show because it makes me happy to do it and and then I love you guys, and Ireally want to do the best I can for you, but you got to. Let me know if I'mdoing that so email me message me comment and we can carry on a conversation, I'mopen to that. So, thank you very much for visiting usagain for this. For this week's episode and as I've told you before Il Love, you guys take care ofyourselves, take care of each other and don't be afraid, just roll with it. Okay have a good week, everybody! Iwill see you next week and thank you for visiting US Byebye.

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