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Tea and Verses

Episode 1 · 1 year ago

Truth in Relationships


First episode of Tea and Verses! See YouTube broadcast:

Co-hosts Phillip Barea and Valiety Jaye

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Hello and welcome to t an versus thisis episode, one, our inaugural episode, so we're really happy about that Um andI do have my cup of tea uh o. That may not be deep, okay, so a couple of things we are not starting. Our lives dreamjust yet due to technical issues, but it is coming Um for now we're justgoing to record. I hope everybody's okay with that- and I know my friend Valetde and I arereally excited for this opportunity to come. Talk to you all about topics thatinterest us and Um. Our first topic is going to betruth in relationships now by relationships. We're not just talkingromantic relationships, we're also talking about personal relationships like friends andfamily that also counts Um. So it's a broader universal topic that we reallywanted to get into and before I do my bit to get into it,I wanted to share a little poem. I wrote about Um sincerity and honestyand relationships, so here is hope, breaks, Dawn, beauty, fools admire, arrogance doesimpress hair burnt by fire, face cracked with stress better than reality. Rolls well playedmasking insanity life these days, primarily unnecessary, useless bell andwhistle modesty become heresy, currency, the epistle, every one may prostitute,soul sold for grain vacuuus and destitute, no devils to blame, pray all not lost my faith, not gonerebellious park brought hope breaks. Don, ok! Well, thank you for listening tothat. I think that really sets the stage for what we're going to betalking about Um, and the point is that nowadays in ourAmerican Modern Society, we're not sincere we're not honestabout our emotions and how we really feel about people much less ourselves, and I think that'sa big problem, because if you look at the break down in human relationshipsin our society, that's a big part of the reason. Um We have T v shows like H, bachelor andBachelorette. These shows really perpetuate the ideathat we have to go towards an image rather than the reality of the personand and that's very frustrating for me because Um, if you look at a lot ofrelationships- and this is my own observation that I have done-... that people go into them h asrepresentations of themselves not really themselves so they're presentingan image you're presenting an image nobody's really themselves. So whathappens is one day you wake up and you discover that the other person is not who youthought they were and that's when breakups and divorcehappens? That's when friends, stop being friends! That's when you stop talking to yourrelatives. These are things that are really going on in our society at their bigproblems and their things that I think we need to address Um. You know we can't go into everything, acting like what we think. Everybodyelse thinks we should act like if that makes any sens Um. So I'm really kind of going on thispersonal campaign and thankfully the ladies joining me, and we're really pushing for people tounderstand themselves and understand others and to be sincere about it. UmOne of the problems is you have to be honest with yourself andsincere with yourself before you can be honest and sincerewith someone else n an it goes along with love. You have to love yourself beforeyou can love someone else. It's a very similar idea. So what we see is we're not being sincereH, partly because a lot of people may not know how to be sincere or how to behonest about themselves M, because we're so busy trying to live up to thissocial image that has been engrained by really commercial interest. You know think about it. Why do yourely need to have that hundred thousand dollar car? It's not because you want it, it's notbecause you actually like it it's because the commercial told youthat you need it in order to be fulfilled and in order to impress otherpeople so we're sacrificeing. True, honestlove, true, honest happiness in order to satisfy social images, social images. That really don't matterreally don't mean anything because at the end of the day, look nobody's goingto live your life for you. You need to live your life for yourself,so you have to understand yourself and truly understand the person you're with and be happy with yourself and be happywith them. That's how you can love each other,that's how you can put truth into your relationship Um. I know some people maydisagree. That's fine! Hey! If you disagree, I tell you what comment comment on social media: send us anemail, t, dot and dot verses at g ML. Dotcom. Send US an email disagreed!That's great! Why? Because I love to discuss sodisagree with me. That's fine!...

You know and share this video share,this video with others and let's see if they disagree or they agree. But let'sget the conversation going. That's really my point. I Wan to have thisdiscussion. I want all of us to have this discussion and be honest about it. Um. You know talking about honesty, oneof the things that really kills me and I've seen this, and I know people thathave done this is going after relationship for money. That, for me, is the most dishonest,crazy thing you can do because to be in a relationship youhave to be comfortable and happy. Yo have sex with someone just to have sexwith someone. You should really like the personyou're having sex with right Um, but if you're doing it for money,you don't have any of that. So how can you think that you're goingto go into a relationship on the basis of financial gain and be happy? There is no way you will ever be happyin that relationship. I mean you'll enjoy the money you get, but really is that is that what we want outof life is that is at the limit of how we see things. So you know this is something thatreally just bothers me, and I see it all the time like I said I know, peoplethat have done this and they've told me they're doing it and they thought theywere going to be happy and they ended up miserable. I wonder why, so you know I'm not an expert and mypersonal love life is not perfect, but Um. I can still see things and understandthings and sense things and- and I think Um we suffer, as I said before, from alack of sincerity and honesty in our society in our modern culture,and I think it's it's hurting us. It's hurting us because we're not dealing with each other as loving humanbeings were we're dealing with each other as um social constructs, and that for me becomes rather inhuman. It becomes inhuman. I becomes a distance between us and our naturalcells, so look at, for example, when you're going on a first state right, everybody does the. I need to act thisway. I need to say this: I need to wear this, you know everything's constructedand it's not evolving. Naturally, why are we afraid of nature? Why are we afraid of our natural selvs?Be Yourself? It's OK. You know, and if somebody doesn't likeyou how you are then guess what that's not the person you should bee with so move on. It's okay! You know you don't have to desperately adapt to what other people expect Um. I think,as far as adapting to other people, that should really be a mutual thing.You should adapt to each other because you love each other, so you want tocome together, better yeah, okay, I ca. I can do that, but changing yourself entirely andpresenting a fake. U,... order to attract someone, that's notgood! Please stop doing that people. You know I and I'm saying that is someone who didit in the past. You know I'm not perfect. I'm not t ethe clean angelic one ear by any means, but I have learned you know I've beenthere. I've done it. I've learned and I really want to tryand help other people not make the mistakes that I mate. You know, if I'mbeing honest, I I think you know all of you out there deservebetter than that and and if I'm going to be someone that you're going tolisten to, if iam going to be someone that can advise you on anything Um,then I should do so honestly and and be sincere with you look a lot of the life lessons thatI've learned and know they come because I did bad stupidthings. When I was younger, you know I I going to lie about that. You know most of the things that I putin my poetry, that are things that I want people toto. Listen to and understand are really things that I learn the hard way you know these are things that just life taught me and I want to passit on. I want to pay it forward because I really I love you guys, you know. Even if Idon't know you guess what I love you man, you know I I just. I don't think we can continue to survive as a society if we don't love each other, if we'renot sincere with each other. If we're not honest with each other, I mean look at all the problems thatare going on out there. You know there's a lot of hate, there's a lot of bile. I mean there's alot of crazy, stupid things going on out thereand it's because people are not being sincere, people are not being honestand people are not loving each other. I mean really come on. We got to loveeach other. We have no choice, you know. If anything, we should do itfor survival, because that's the only way we're goingto survive in this world is loving, each other and being honest with eachother and being sincere with each other. That's it there's nothing more thanthat. So please talk to your friends. Talk to yourfamily, talk to your loved one and be honest,be sincere, be who you really are and love them for who they really are. You know, don't don't ask them to be animage, ask them to be themselves and love themfor that Oky. I guess that's my two cents worthof advice for this episode. I'm going to pass the microphone to mydear wonderful friend, veledy, and I know she has her own, really awesomeinsights into this. Thank you guys for listening. I love you I'll, see you next week,Byebyeiron, I ablity, and this is Taesas Amaty. Do you have yoursallrightso tonight's topic? I truth...

CIMULATIONSHIP and I'm not Gonto. Take that much ofyour time because whats taing me ECA, yea, everybody wasthe part e, a tell o the Tho and like so sad it doesn't necessarily alwayshave to be a OU relationship. FOROMANTIC could be a family membercould be AU best friend. Well, like the movie say, can you handle thetruth, a lot of people cannet, for we no a s. We have to have to kind of pick andchoose when the TUS can be told. So if someone says please pleae se thatide be honest or me, let U Eoutbutyknow the person. Well, iyu think this might not be a good idea. What do you do is Gongo hurt, someone's feeling are going to destroy a relationship andI think that's one of the biggest ones. I think that when people here ow to TeRelationships, they automatically Aso our romantic relationship. So now you know they're going back intheir mind to their X or even wonder, Wuld and how he lies to them, becauseyou know only live alive. If you have never told a lie on life, I'm sure we have so we really shouldn'tbe calling people lives. Thatanyway people o all te Tom, so o GE back to Tru e Nyor. Ask do it. No ywell definitely do a Parton O be Obsoa,O chances of them leaning you right, but I think it was a little deeperbecause we might want to know why we spo up ECOS, I'm not deeper. It's just nottrue an case, somebody n to tell the RO. You know, Yo ask your friend how tos look on me. Do you really want to Seyou know itlooks crappy, don't wear it Noyou want he to say Oho, good girl and that's what she might do, becauseshe is wo to feelings or she's uncomfortable with being Os. So what do we do with the ORTRP? I think s Spellin. I Ash, but o peoplelike to hold on, if beon the side of Trut what it that' another thing. What's Truth Mythit your truth, Thomany truths, the really only one through think. So I think pecession has a lot to do withit. So what happens then? I don't Knowo, so I'm hoping to seesome stuff in the co because I'm not feeling his woird people, I'mnot feeling this word. So I don't know when I'm playing foragainst on the situation. Shall we be honest, shall tell you... destroyd eyes? Can Etrov AITIONSHIPA Sugdestetototyourself, I'm really honest, and sometimes I see what it does so I keepi Tomyelfmetimes n'tatemxposivethuh. That happened onetime I can too much. I was nost. Iman wsomeody begs yto Beis, it e Te. He teytell me the TRU Sel e Drek Rit. I was GIN on out. If I tell the truth,I can't come back from it and I need to tell the truth and itmakes the UNERPERSON's heart too. I preferrd to Hert. As long as I wastotally true. I wish I never know. I wish I coan goback to onoy how in the world are we evyr supposedto know when we should tell the truth or ut? We are human human beings. We do stuff, not always something that the otherperson approves of my you might be quit up to some gossipabout a relative and the reteni sands. Did you say that I'm with thes Disne, I thinkmost people say no, because hedon't whur the person feeling they probably would prefer that the persondidn't know they were talking about them and people talk of what we do. Wetagshull we push for honestly, peoleshould, Jusbe, honest and truthfulno ile. We should see how it works. How please out onay Ye things. Andyou got to prepare for these things.If you don't want these things, I want o an ITEIP. ELESHP comes with things.It comes it to youbring Babor. So when it comes to a relative, you know Omfamily. You were born into you, know: You're there you knowyour family, Ms Ni, feel ow. They weact D themyou're, not exactlytruthfulokaynot. For the cheating situation, the person Gancedolthe PersonsDifenthio the person's desires...

...exatly in a way that person may feel mad do Itagain, so maybe they'e dishone, cuse, theydo G,again TN INTHEHEART, thell, Ev Ong again, so I erd itreally depends on your situation. I haven't been able to sit my teamecause, I'm doing so much Habvy, but I like to hear where you guys I do youthink th t. We should always behonest. W Th, we should always be truthful, no matter what o Shou e Thi situation shall we consider others. FEELINGSIME GIN go back to linty and I am so watefully sad to have this time with he guys so leave a coming below like a ascamic, make sure you see IECCEPISOP. I have noidea what the next topic is going to be. I don't know. Maybe Yo could come belowand give us some ideas. That'll be great, but until next time I relie dayand is.

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