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Tea and Verses

Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Fear and Anxiety


Third episode of Tea and Verses. We are talking about fear and anxiety, the depression caused by anxiety, and general mental health.

Co-hosts: Phillip Barea and Maida Nunez

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Otrihello and welcome to anotherepisode of TN versus we're, keeping the ball rolling on the show. We have a new CO host, I'm so excitedMyida, who is a wonderful person very intelligent, dear friend, and she's,also a writer so that that works out nicely for me so later on. Stick around and watch her segment ofthe show. I know she has a lot of insight on today's topic. We're goingto be talking about our fears and anxiety. Now this is on different levels. We chose this topic because we bothhave a lot of experience with it in our personal lives, but also because, let'sbe honest, two thousand and twenty has been that kind of year- hasn't it. Wehave the pandemic, we have the elections, wehave an economic recession. Everyone is nervous and afraid and anxious aboutwhat's going on in the United States and all over the world, and that's okay,because it makes sense to feel that way because things have not been good. Thatdoesn't mean they're always going to be bad, but it also means that we have todeal with addedtention anxiety, stress, personal fears. These are real things and I thought itwas appropriate and necessary to address them on the show and kind ofhit him a little bit head on. So what we're talking about today, asfar as fears, is really fear of the unknown fear of, what's going to happen, fear of conforming to what societyexpects from us, but the reality is that society has changed a little bitthis year. The expectations have changed, the possibilities have changed and wekind of need to adapt to that a little bit it's hard, but you know we need toget out of the usual bubble and explore new thoughts, new ideas, new ways to dothings and that's okay, you know that's that's kind of cool in a way Ipersonally like to stir things up a little bit and change them around, so I'm not worried about that. But anyway, our reality is full of fearand enxt these days, and we wanted to talk aboutthat. From my personal perspective, mydas going to talk more about fear,I'm going to talk a little bit more about anxiety as a separate thing, andI do it for personal reasons. Some of you may not know this, but I amdiagnosed with post, traumatic stress, disorder, PTSD and it's an anxiety disorder, and Iknow anxiety very well sometimes that anxiety can be so strongthat it causes depression. So, needless to say, tw thousand andtwenty has been a difficult year for me, but I'm still carrying on and I'm stillhopeful and I'm still positive, because...

...that's really the only way to survive anxiety can be an irrational thing. Itcan be a rational thing because of everything that's going on around you.It can be irrational when it's just kind of an internal mental exercise that can cause a lot of stress. Thatstress is not only mental, it can manifest itself physically. I've felt anxiety and depression to theextent that my body hurts my muscles hurt I've been to the hospital twice forpanic attacks and it felt like a heart attack. It was that bad. So these arereal things that we need to talk about and deal with and together as a society as acommunity. You know try and help each other out toto really not feel this way to try and and cope together, because I think one of the things thataffects a lot of people that suffer from anxiety and even the depression that anxietycan cause is the fact that you feel alone. People will tend to isolate themselves.I've done it. I've kind of isolated myself a littlebit an an and that's, not healthy. You needto reach out if you feel that you have serious anxiety and depression. Hey Talk to somebody, that's okay! I go to therapy, I ave therapist and it helps a lot so never be afraid to reach out reach out. It doesn't have to be alicense therapist, although I can recommend that it can be friends and family can be aneighbor. Sometimes you need to talk to somebody and many times if you're, just talkingto a friend or a relative you'll, find that these days, they feel the same way, because the life hit in the UnitedStates and elsewhere has gotten so uncertain. We have the elections, we don't knowwho the president's going to be. We have an economic recession, a lot ofpeople have lost their jooms. A lot of people are struggling financially, we have the pandemic. A lot of peoplehave lost love. onces people have died, so it's really been a doom and gloomkind of year for everybody and that causes a lot of fear. That causesa lot of anxiety and we need to deal with that. We needto approach that with empathy and compassion. We mean to kind of find a way to get out of thefunk, and that's really my point for my segment. Is We recognize thatit's there? We recognize that we have to dosomething about it now. What do we do? For my part, I can say, with my condition: I've never had totake medication. Thank God, my condition is mild enough. That I candeal with it in other ways, but if you...

...think you do need medication, see a professional and if you need to take medication,that's okay, don't feel bad about that. You know, I know people that takemedication and they really need it and it really helps and it's okay. One of the things that frustrates medealing with this topic is the social stigma. There's way too much stigma about thisin our society. You know what people who suffer from mental health issues, people who struggle with mental illness they're, not weird they're, notdifferent, there's nothing wrong with them in a way. You know they their issuesthat happen in life and you have to love them, be compassionate and helpthem. You know, don't don't judge and this card people, that's never good. For any reason, I really. I really can't stress thisenough, so if you are feeling anxiety anddepression and you're fearful talk to somebody get help. If somebody comes to you to talk to youseriously about anxiety, depression and fear that they have listen and give honest advice on his feed backLe Compassion, you know we're all in this together, there's there's nobody that is immuneto the reality of life, we're all in it together. We have to support each other.So if someone comes to you give them that support, you know, and God blessyou both is what I have to say now: Medication Aside, if you feel mildsymptoms or if it can be controlled withoutmedication, try that I do it and it works. For me, one thing that I do that some of myfriends and family laugh at me a little bit for doing it is yoga really just regular good old fashionedyoga in the morning and it helps the other thing I do. Is Vitaminsupplements or herbs one that I like. A lot is passion.Flower, passion, flower is one of the naturalsources for the ingredients in anxiety medication. So you can take passion, flower and getsome of the same effects as you would from anxiety, medication, I'm not a doctor. So I'm not going torecommend that if you're taking medication you stop it and take passionflower, I'm not going to say that talk to your doctor, talk to your therapist,make sure that that's okay for you, I'm just up speaking for myself, itworks for me I'll, take two capsules in the morningtwo capsules in the evening and then I'll wash it down with passion, fruit,juice and believe it or not. That helps mestay level. It works. The other thing that helps a lot andagain. This is something friends and family may laugh at you for, but if it helps you do it meditation,you got to meditate, you gotta, you...

...know to breathing exercises in throughthe nose out through the mouth, serious, breathing, exercisees, calmyourself. These are little things that you can doanytime anywhere and it'll help. Keep you Levin, you know, don't don't let the demons win, I guess is:Is the vessage there so any trick that you can do to calm the anxiety, calm,the fears fight the depression you do it within reason, of course, has to besomething relatively logical and proven to work, but do it try it? The other thing that I would say thathelps is if you feel extra tense or extra depressed or even to the level of a panic attackwhich I have experienced with my therapist told me that one of thethings that helps the most is actually the easiest thing tell yourself that it's a panic attack tell yourself. This is just my anxietyor tell yourself I'm just feeling a little depressed, because thatselfrealization really helps calm the mind and if the mind is calm,the body will calm down so recognize, what's happening to you and verbalize, it constiously recognize it and you'll seethat you calm down. That's that's really as simple as itcan be. I know for myself. You can't always do that. You can'talways control it, and this is where I advise others to becompassionate. If you know someone suffering from anxiety or depression, if they have those fears that are Nawing at their mind, umreally be empathetic, becompassionate talk tothem, calm them down, recognize, what's going on and deal with it properly, don't getangry at each other. Dump Yell at each other, recognize what's going on and help eachother deal with it. I think that's important. As I always say, we got tof love each other. We got totake care of each other, be compassionate and you know. Hopefully we can all survivetwo thousand and twenty as bad. As it's been imagine someone who's suffering frommental health issues or mental illness. It's worse! It's much harder to survivethe pandemic, the election, the resession of that crazy stuff, but survive. We will and we will survive together. And I love you guys. God bless you,everyone so hang in there, don't let the demons win and stay healthy, stay safe. An! I will see you guys next week,...

I'm going to pass the microphone overto Mayeta. I know she also has a lot to say about this and I'm so happy to have her on boardwith the show enjoy it guys, and I will see you next week, okay, by by hi everyone, my name is Myita. I amhappy to be joining Philip ontin versus to talk about some importance, livetopics that most of us deal with on daily basis to different degrees intodifferent extense tonight this week the topic is ananxiety. It's a large topic, it's a large umbrella to look at whether we look at the causes of ananxiety, decrease of an anxiety, different treatments and things likethat, but I think it's important above all toto really communicate to share our stories, to create a sense of community sense ofhope that life doesn't need to be difficult. I can be joyful and happyrelaxed and successful. My personality is one of somebody wholikes to meet New People. I like to Trynou things I like to perform danceand e stage, so so many things that clashedwith EAN anxiety with my panicattackand often since I did not want to stay behind the closedoors and avoid all these experiences. That means so much to me. I would experience this comflict withinme where myn anxiety, woith clash with mynatural personality, and even though I would attempt to do some some thingsand mean very much to me that I love to do. I could only go so far. My anxietywould clash and it would really paralyzed me and jeopardize my successind a lot of things, my success in my growth and in a lot of things that I attempted to don my life like most people, I have not lookedinto it or saw how, until it got pretty bad till, I was really just pushed onmy knees in a prayer help me when I finally realized I don't have achoice, Otetan to really seek some help and Investigaton figure out. Why? Whyis this happening to me and if you are in a state where youcan't even take a deep breath, Indon't feel safe firstthing to do is to reachprofessional medical help and to have a conversation at the very least withwith somebody who can help, you see things differently. It is amazing thatwhen, when we talk to somebody or read a walk, thatshows us a different perception shows us a different way to look at something in such a persuaive way, even though westill trougle with a anxiety or whatever it might be, it kind of sets us in a different matand little by little was started to work on it and change and improve... yeah. I saw help and I got better. I was finally able to breathe dor meditation enjoy benevis benefitsof Meditation and it more open mind really start to lookinto the causes and sources of my feers. I used to believe that I was simply afearful person Ntil. I really start looking into it. I think there are two different kindsof fears: There's a fear that is logical, like crossing the street andcar runing. Your way, and your instinct just telling you to to move move fast and ther are fears that we sort of feelevery day that have to do with conditioning with society. I've come to realize that we live in asociety and we are raised in a tradition of telling us no telling us what not to doin order to avoid consequences. I was rained in far my parents raise me in fear to protect me from from suffering toprotect me from danger. Also, when we look at our socialstructure, our legal system, it is more one of crime and punishment, ratherthan forgiveness and encouragement, and we just here know so much in different in different areas. Ofour lives that the sphere from not being good enough, not being sosort of perfect, not being accepted, not belonging, andwhat comes from that is ifyere with judgment and then our own judgment toexpress how it were Lan. I sort of create this, this energy ofof tension of triving and never arriving, and neverdoing it just right en og every day every day, an Han over the you knowtime in our lives, and this naturally will create ananxiety. Not Anxiety canalso come from Camico Anbolsis, a different different conversation, butthere really is this: This fearful, anxious living that we carry on thathas to do with just trying to fit in and- and you can be exhausting, it canreally really be exhausting if we just gone out of Hilotd and IV. That way, Idon't Lok into it. Ihave learned that in the Times of realdanger, people actually act differently. I grew up in a war zone in Bosnia andin two thousand and nine I was diagnosed with brain cancer. Those two experiences that were really shocking and reallyscary and undesirable, and very very fear, provoking really offered me this. This vision, Tisthis picture ofunderstanding that, when we are in a real danger, whenthere is real reason to fear and to figure out what to do somehow very quickly, we realized whatare the fame there outside of our control, and we just let him go. We dowhat we can. We make up the best and the Mostwha we have, but...

...we understand the rules we understand.There are things that are out of our control and we create the space and time totodo a little things we enjoy to look forward to getting better or getting out of it. So you so we can go out to a stor, sowe can go see our friends, so we can trust up for a party. All these thingsthat we often take take for granted so really show me that that we can do better. We can actually transfer this sort ofaction. This sort of pattern intoour every day, take a minute. Take a deepe and figure out in every situation inevery circumstance. What is it? Tt is absolutely out ofyour control and do only what you can in any given minute and let go so many spiritual teachings there overtwo sand years old and on repaid the same thing. Likgo being amoment, bemindful be mindful of where you are and what you can do. Ando IV GO: Try to go from tension constantly triving in the running, toor a moment of peace, a moment ofinterconnection and taking a aninspired action. So there are waste to to do better. I mean I don't haveenough time tonight to to really go into this, and this is myfirst time doing something like this, but Iam very thankful for this opportunity. I hope we continue to elaborate on thistopic and many others. Thank you so much for tuning in thank you for givingus a glance at this show in this radio glaall and as far as wh we can do and how much wecan present and share. It really is all about connecting serving each other with with love,compassion and stories of healing and stories of hope. Thank you andEveronedona O M.

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