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Episode 3 · 1 month ago

Fear and Anxiety

Third episode of Tea and Verses. We are talking about fear and anxiety, the depression caused by anxiety, and general mental health.

Co-hosts: Phillip Barea and Maida Nunez

Phillip's books are available on Amazon:

Read Maida's work on her website:  

Episode 2 · 1 month ago

Episode 2: What is Love?

Second episode of Tea and Verses. We are exploring love and what it means.

Co-hosts: Valiety Jaye and Phillip Barea

Phillip's books are available at Barnes & Noble:

Episode 1 · 1 month ago

Truth in Relationships

First episode of Tea and Verses! See YouTube broadcast:

Co-hosts Phillip Barea and Valiety Jaye

Phillip's books are available on Amazon: 

Episode 0 · 1 month ago

YouTube Livestream Test

A test of our YouTube livestream system. Visit our YouTube channel: